Thank God for the nhs…

There is lots of attention on the footballer Fabrice Muamba returning from hospital after his tragic collapse a few weeks ago. There has also been loads of Christian responces and prayers because Fabrice Muamba is himself a Christian (apparently Christians only like to get vocal when one of their own is injured – it seems fairly evident no one else was in hospital during this time)

Since Muamba’s return I’ve seen a few “thank the Lord” and “thank you God”…I haven’t got a big problem with this if people like to pray and thank God when events match their prayers but surely the real thanks belongs to the medical staff…they literally saved his life and I’ve seen no “thank you paramedics, doctors, nurses, surgeons”…I’m sure they got some from the family and Muamba himself but I’d like to see some Christian friends of mine appreciate that its the hard work of the medical staff and technological/medical advances that saved Muamba’s live…and to be really blunt about it, the prayers, albeit good will gestures, were indifferent to the outcome…

Clearly I have a bias opinion being married to a nurse, who spends her working life literally saving some lives and saying goodbye to others. All the patients families pray. Every outcome is different. But its the nhs which is

providing the daily miracles for countless people.

And so I’d like to see more people saying “thank God for the nhs”


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The Passion of the Christ

I’ve just watched The Passion of the Christ (well it is holy week)

Obviously there is lots to say but I’m going to try and avoid all the usual talk about over exaggerating this and playing on that emotion or ridiculous theology…

What struck me during conversation post film, and I believe coincides with the stories in the bible (and I expect elsewhere), is that Jesus knew he was going to die.

Jesus was fully aware that the things he was doing and saying were pissing people off so much that he would be killed. And he must have known that this death wouldn’t be pleasant…

It begs the question, why did Jesus carry on? Why stick his neck on the line?

I am not advocating a sent-from-God-on-a-mission-to-die theology. But am interested to consider why the man Jesus would choose the path of death.

This is for me where Jesus becomes interesting. Jesus offered a third way, opposed to the Roman Empire (illegitimate/violent governance?) and the Scribes and Elders (organised/controlling religion?) And he believed it so strongly he was willing to die for his cause…

Jesus’s stance was basically one of certain death because it stood in direct conflict with these groups. Jesus must have believed he was on to something to go to such great lengths…

It is this, amongst other things, that makes me think Jesus is a voice we should listen too and try to learn from.

Why did he feel so strongly? What good did he think he would achieve?

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Why I chose a gun


I know I haven’t posted on here for a while but hey…

Just watched this video and found it fascinating…a very interesting account of the strive towards peace and the role our armed forces have.

I would still call myself a pacifist but I am continually drawn towards the necessity to step in with ‘state controlled violence’. I look forward to a time when we don’t need violence to settle are problems, but may be we have to get there first…

We have to find the compromise between human ideals and human failure…

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Risking Failure

I was asked to submit some reflections on an Urban Expression value:

We recognise the importance of taking risks and the demands of mission in the inner city, and we believe that it is acceptable to fail.

I did this in the form of the following mind map, which you might need to click on to view:

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New Years Resolutions

It’s customary to make resolutions at New Year, mine obviously include to cycle the whole of the South Down’s Way in a day and up Snowdon and Skiddaw and to learn to drive.

I’m also going to attempt to participate in ‘the generosity experiment.’

The generosity experiment is about saying “yes” to every genuine call for help – whether it be a TV ad from Muslim Aid, or a text from Oxfam, a sponsored event, a beggar or a cold caller.

I heard about the generosity experiment when listening to Sasha Dichter on TED. I invite you to watch his talk and hear his conclusions and see if you would like to join the generosity experiment.

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Along with my Uni Musings I found one written around the same time by a friend called Danny Branigan…he said I could post it and I thought it was worth sharing.


Can’st one speak the truth?

Where can one begin?

Is truth something of the world

or something deep within?

Is truth something one inherits –

Passed from father down to son?

Or is itpart of life’s grand prize –

Something to be lost and won?

If truth is part of knowledge,

And knowledge leads to power,

And power to responisbility,

whats the colour of this flower?

Should you not be reposnisble

For what you say is ‘truth’

By backing up your vocabulary

With physical, hard proof?

What we must learn to do,

We learn to do by doing

An Aristotle quote, for kicks,

In this verse I shall fling

But does this quote extrapolate

To truth and all things new

Half the battle is the teaching

But doings important too.

Is it enough to claim

That the truth dwells within you?

Or should you have to prove it

In everything you do?

Shouldn’t truth be part of your beliefs

Away of life, per say

and evident in what you do

Each and everyday?

I think truths not just morality

But in your actions too;

And people who just ‘know’ the truth

Haven’t really got a clue.

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Uni Musings

Whilst sorting out stuff ready to move house I stumbled on some old things I wrote at uni. I’m not a writer, they aren’t especially good, but I thought I would post them here to keep them…

A Story

He woke with a terrible headache. Things buzzing around his head. He rolled out of bed with a groan as the scenes from last night played over and over in his mind. What had happened last night? Where did he go? Who was he with? Was he his true self?

Confusion seemed to take over. Nothing was making sense. Something had happened, something had changed. But the memory was playing games. Trapped in his familiar comforts but places he now didn’t want to be. The hangover from last night had him spinning.

He promised himself he’d change. He’d made a commitment to others. He knew he was supposed to do something but the pieces didn’t fit. Things were never so clear last night but now it was all a mess. a new path had been shown but now the old one was easier.

That night he wanted things to change but in the morning he sobered up. A sudden push, he evaluated his life. In the morning it all went blank. Back to reality, back to normality was the way forward as his head stopped spinning and he forgot about the night of his conversion.


A Poem

A long time ago there was a man.

An ordinary man, but with one significant difference.

He was a non-conformist.

He didn’t do things how everyone else did things.

He imagined a new way and he lived that way.

A non-conformist began a revolution, a new way to conform.

Soon many people stopped conforming.

People knew his way was better.

However, soon the peoples imitation sunk back into conformity.

They just didn’t realise it.



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